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How to Store a Generator When Not in Use

A generator is one of those appliances that are used based on need. This means that in some cases, you may not need to use it all for extended periods. Regardless, all generators need proper storage and maintenance. It is the only way to guarantee top performance when needed and extended shelf-life. In this article, … Read more

How to Wire a 4-Prong Generator Plug to a 3-Prong Plug in 3 Easy Steps

Looking to connect your generator to your house? This method will get your power delivery system up and running. Making DIY adapters for different kinds of plugs can get tricky. The older house power systems employ a three-prong plug, whereas the newer NEMA standards recommend a 4-prong plug.  Using mismatched power delivery systems can get … Read more

What Can a 3500-Watt Generator Power?

Generators provide electricity by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy via motor. Having a generator for backup during power cutoff is an excellent decision, especially when you live in an area where the power shortage persists. A generator is also helpful when you are out with your family for a picnic, and you do not … Read more

What Can a 6250-Watt Generator Run?

Feeling confused about what can a 6250-watt generator run? It can run home appliances, camping equipment, and electric cars. Additionally, it’ll help you run your life during a power outage. Who would anyone like to remain stuck in darkness without food and water during a hurricane? Keep reading to know the powers of a 6250-watt … Read more

What Can a 6500-Watt Generator Run?

Confused about whether or not a 6500-Watt Generator will be the best choice for you? Well, don’t be. We are here to help you make up your mind. We are bringing you a list of appliances to assist you in understanding what can a 6500-watt generator run.  We have guided hundreds of lost souls just … Read more

What Can You Run On a 5000-Watt Generator?

Having a backup generator is imperative if your locality is subject to frequent power outages. A small generator won’t meet your requirements, and the one with large outputs will be too costly. A 5000-watt generator is ideal in this case as it can run almost all the household appliances! This generator provides around 20 amps … Read more

What Will a 700-Watt Generator Run?

From our in-depth analysis, a 700-watt petrol-powered generator can run most essential electric appliances like light bulbs, printers, and a TV.  Bad weather such as a thunderstorm or unexpected technical faults along the powerlines or power plants can cause an unexpected power outage. Since a lot of people greatly rely on electrical gadgets, a blackout … Read more

What Will a 1000-Watt Generator Run?

A 1000-watt generator runs necessary appliances when you face a sudden power failure. As a result, these generators give you peace of mind and save you from embarrassment. To cope up with the cut-off power supply, you must have a backup plan. The backup plan here is a 1000-watt generator! What Will a 1000-Watt Generator … Read more

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