How to Start a Generac Generator in 5 Quick and Easy Steps

Are you looking to get your generator running smoothly? Are you stuck without electricity? Well, here’s a helpful guide on how to start a Generac generator with simple, straightforward steps.

Getting stuck without electricity on a busy day is the worst thing that can happen to you. However, if you bought a generator hoping to use it someday and are not sure of the process of starting it, then this guide is for you.

The overall process is straightforward, easy to get used to. The following steps will ensure that you have a seamless experience starting your generator and using it to run all your devices. 

Step 1 – Check Fuel and Oil Levels of the Generator

Check the generator’s fuel and oil levels. Also, make sure that you have a minimum of a quarter tank of fuel or more. 

Now, fill the oil to its total capacity. This will help keep the engine lubricated and running smoothly without hiccups.

Note: The generator won’t start with low fuel and oil levels.

Step 2 – Turn Inline Fuel and Choke On

Now, turn the inline fuel switch on and the choke on. This will let the fuel flow into the carburetor to help the engine start. Also, turn on the choke by putting it in the left position.

Note: Ensure that the spark plug wire is securely attached and all the extension cords are detached from the generator’s outlet.

Step 3 – Turn On the Ignition (Engine Switch)

Turn on the ignition or the “Engine Switch” before you pull the recoil cord. You can use an electrical start switch to get your generator running.

Note: If you are using the electrical start switch, make sure to have the batteries charged beforehand with the help of a trickle charger. In contrast, to the recoil cord method, the electric start is much easier and faster.

Step 4 – Pull the Recoil Cord

Next, try to start the generator by pulling the recoil cord. This can require you multiple tries and is also dependent on temperature. So, if it is cold outside, you may need to start it numerous times to get the generator running smoothly.

Note: You can try to put the choke in the half-run position (middle), remove and re-attach the spark plug wire, and then pull the recoil coil again. 

Step 5 – Turn the Choke off and Connect the Extensions

Now that the engine is running turn off the choke by putting it on the run position (right) and plug in all the extensions or power cords to the generator’s outlet.

Final Thoughts

Failing to follow the steps above can lead to a lot of trouble with your generator. However, starting a generator can be challenging if you are a beginner, but knowing about its components and what things like choke or spark plug are, the process becomes more accessible and seamless. 

Hence, the step-by-step guide above will ensure that you get your generator running smoothly and effectively help you understand the do’s and don’ts of starting your generator the right way.

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