What Can a 6500-Watt Generator Run?

Confused about whether or not a 6500-Watt Generator will be the best choice for you? Well, don’t be. We are here to help you make up your mind. We are bringing you a list of appliances to assist you in understanding what can a 6500-watt generator run. 

We have guided hundreds of lost souls just like you to their destined generators. Thanks to our years of experience in this industry, we have complete authority over this subject. Just stick till the end and find out what can a 6500-Watt Generator run at the same time without tripping.

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Key Terms

Before we dive into the technical side and explain to you what appliances can run on this generator, it would be better if you had some background knowledge. We are going to use some techy terms throughout the article, the meanings of which are explained below. So, brace yourself for a little dose of techiness! 

Starting Watts

Starting Watts is the surge in Watts that is required to start an electric appliance. It builds the momentum of an appliance and exists for few seconds. Owing to its functionality, Starting Watts is also known as Surge Watts or Peak Watts. Just remember that onl

the appliances that contain motors have Starting Watts.

Running Watts

While Starting Watts builds momentum, Running Watts keeps this momentum going smoothly. Running Watts is generally lower than Starting Watts. However, such wattage is more consistent and is responsible for keeping the appliance running.


BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. It is mostly used to rate the air conditioners. BTU is a measure of the energy required to heat the 1 pound of water. But we will be using it to describe the power of an Air-conditioner. 

6500-Watt Generator Power

You can easily run a normal house on a 6500-Watt Generator. There definitely would be a few compromises that you would have to make. But considering the price range, these generators are worth every penny

Now without further ado, let’s find out what can a 6500-Watt generator run!


Since televisions aren’t motor-driven appliances, they don’t have Starting Watts. Their Running Watts fall anywhere between 100 Watts to 500 Watts. Running Watts vary depending upon the model and LCD size. A 6500 Watts generator can power even the high-end LCDs.

Window Air Conditioner

Almost all of the Window Air Conditioners used in households can run on a 6500 Air conditioner. Window Air conditioners have relatively lower BTU. Some moderate ACs have a BTU value of 12,000, and all they need is 1000 Watts. 

Office Equipment

Due to COVID-19, most of us were compelled to build a workstation in our homes. 6500 Watts generator ensures that there won’t be a halt in your productivity. This generator is powerful enough to support all of the necessary office equipment. 

Your copy machine, fax machine, computer, and laser printer can execute their tasks all simultaneously. All of the above equipment combined will cost your generator almost 3500 watts. 


The wattage requirement of refrigerators varies drastically. However, most of the refrigerators used at home take up 1000 – 2000 Watts. So, they won’t be much of a load on a 6500 Watts generator. 

Security System

Most of us have this false notion that the security system of a house sucks tens of thousands of Watts. Nothing can be further from the truth. Basic household security systems have a wattage requirement of meager 500 Watts. It may increase slightly depending upon how advanced the system is, but it isn’t something that can overload a generator.

Bulbs and Fans

Fans and bulbs have a running wattage value of 70 – 80 watts. Powering 3,4 fans and a few bulbs won’t be a big deal for a generator of this magnitude. 

Jobsite Tools

It isn’t recommended, but you can use a few tools on a 6500-Watt generator if an emergency presents itself. If you have a garage at home, your basic tools can function if you are a little smart about it. The biggest problem with these tools is that they have high Starting Watts. You will have to take this into your consideration and most probably turn off refrigerators for a little while. 

Electric drills require 900 Starting Watts and 600 running Watts. But if you are using a hammer drill, the total wattage expenditure can rise to 3000 Watts. However, we will advise you to keep yourself busy with basic tools while being on a 6500 Watts generator. Tools like a circular saw can cause a toll on the generator and most probably trip it. 

Washing Machines

Washing machines will suck 2000 – 2500 watts while starting. Running a washing machine on this generator won’t be a problem. However, powering a cloth dryer is a whole other story.

These cloth dryers can consume up to 6000 Watts when they take a start. They also require a constant supply of 5000 Watts to keep running. It is better not to use a dryer machine on this generator. 

However, if you absolutely need to, get yourself a small, portable spin dryer. These machines are maybe less efficient, but they consume as little as 300 Watts.


There is a long list of items that you can run on a 6500-Watt generator. However, the problem is that most of us aren’t familiar with Starting and Running Watts of different appliances. So, the following is a detailed chart that can help you make up your mind.

Appliance Running Watts Starting Watts
Dishwasher 1500 1500
Toaster 850 0
Water Well Pump 575 1440
Light Bulbs 60, 70 0
Iron  1200 0
Hair Dryer 1250 0
Cell Phone Charger 10 0


Make sure that the combined wattage of all the appliances you are using doesn’t cross 6000 Watts, just to be on the safe side.


If I had to explain in a single sentence, I would say that a 6500-Watt generator can run a normal household with ease. You may have to compromise on high-load appliances like dryers and circular saws, but these aren’t necessities. Other than this, your whole day will go on smoothly even if there is a power outage.

Fans, Bulbs, ACs, office equipment won’t halt and hinder your productivity. I am sure that this list has widened your perception of what can a 6500-Watt Generator run.

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