How to Test a Ryobi Battery Charger

Ryobi is one of the more affordable and reliable brands. If you happen to own products from the company, it would not come as a surprise. Although, after a time you might notice that your battery is not holding a charge. There are two possibilities for that to happen. Either the battery is dead or … Read more

Is Ryobi a Good Brand?

When you’re out in the market looking for tools, a wide variety of companies are sure to greet you. Now if we step into your shoes for a moment, choosing between them could be quite a hassle. So, the wise decision here would be to go for any good brand that you can find. When … Read more

Who Makes Hyper Tough Tools?

If you’ve ever been to Walmart, you’d know that there is a lot of cheap stuff available in these stores. You’ll find everything from food items, cutlery, to even tools. Accordingly, there are also high chances that your local Walmart would have Hyper Tough Tools. With that being said, if you still haven’t heard of … Read more

What Size Nails Are Used for Framing

While usually, you hire professionals for a framing job, at times you have to pull up your sleeves and do it yourself. When you are doing it yourself, you might get confused about the size of the nails used for framing. In this guide, we will tell you what size nails are used for framing. … Read more

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