What Will a 700-Watt Generator Run?

From our in-depth analysis, a 700-watt petrol-powered generator can run most essential electric appliances like light bulbs, printers, and a TV. 

Bad weather such as a thunderstorm or unexpected technical faults along the powerlines or power plants can cause an unexpected power outage. Since a lot of people greatly rely on electrical gadgets, a blackout will easily stop any activity that uses electricity. Therefore, in case of a power failure, a generator can provide alternative power to run some appliances.

Product Overview

A generator with a 700-watt power rating can help start several appliances. However, when choosing a generator, you must consider the running power and starting power of the generator and appliances you intend to sustain.


A 700-watt generator is usually used to supply electric appliances with low electricity demand. The upside is that the machine is routinely more compact, has lower fuel requirements, and produces a lot less noise when it is active.

Their lightweight nature means that most 700-watt generators are highly portable. With a paltry six or seven kilograms on average, you can easily carry this unit to a campsite that doesn’t have electrical outlets. They have an ergonomic design with delightful dimensions that span 275X190X195mm on average.

Appliances You Can Run

A 700-watt generator will comfortably run all the appliances that have a 700-watt power rating or lower. To determine the appliances that this generator would potentially support, you have to check the power rating of individual appliances.

The table below has summarized most day-to-day appliances that have a power rating that falls under 700 watts. However, the generator may not support all of them at the same time.

A 700-watt generator would comfortably support a combined power requirement of 700 watts. Therefore, you should use the power rating and calculate the total power rating and then formulate a basic plan to distribute the generator’s output.


Appliance Power (Watt)
Heated hair rollers 400
Wi-Fi router 15
Home sound system 95
Inkjet printer 30
Phone Charger 7
CFL Light bulb 18
Video Game console 120
Night Light 5
Electric Doorbell 2


Based on the table above, you can easily develop a customized plan according to the needs of each electrical gadget in your home.


The 700-watt generator has several advantages that include:

Highly Portable

Due to its lightweight nature, it is easy to lift and carry around. The machine is often used on construction sites to provide a stable power supply for lighting and ventilation equipment in case of an emergency. Also, it is particularly important at night as the generator supplies uninterrupted power for security purposes.

Easy to Store

Unlike big conventional generators, a 700-watt generator is smaller and does not need large storage space. You can fit the machine in smaller cupboards or a tiny space in your garage.


An average 700-watt generator can cost between 200$ to 400$ depending on the brand and any warranties provided. Also, its smaller engine generally has lower maintenance costs.

Lower Fuel Requirement

Due to its lower output, the fuel requirement for a 700-watt generator is pretty modest. The maximum output power is 700 watts which require just over half a liter of fuel per hour.  

Safe to Use

Due to lower fuel requirements, the risk of a fire associated with the generators is quite low. Likewise, most portable generators come with a plastic casing that improves their safety rating.

Suitable for Recreational Activities

Due to their fuel efficiency and portability, these generators can be carried along for on-site camping, trekking, and even fishing.


Low Power Output

The generator cannot run multiple home appliances for longer periods. Also, the backup will fail to support gadgets such as air conditioners, hairdryers, and microwave ovens which require more than 700 watts to run.


1. How can I connect the generator to the mains power supply?

An electrician shall set up an alternate route for appliances supplied by the generator based on your requirements. In case of a power failure, the mains power can be re-routed to the generator’s path to run your appliances.

2. Is it safe to store a generator in a room with a full fuel tank?

It is not unsafe but isn’t advisable. Fuel is highly flammable and you’re better off storing the generator in an open space with a full tank.

3. What is the difference between Watt and Kilowatt?

Many appliances have their power rating listed in kilowatts instead of watts. Therefore, multiply the power rating in kilowatt by a thousand to get the figure in watts. (1kilowatt=1000watt)

4. Is the electric output of a generator stable?

No, the output from a generator is not stable. Hence, it is best to avoid powering sensitive equipment such as laptops and gaming consoles as they can malfunction.

Final Thoughts

From our research, a 700-watt generator is a solid investment if you’re looking for a temporary power solution to run appliances in case of an emergency. They are budget products and require little to no effort to run.

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