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How to Choose a Generator?

There are a lot of factors to consider before investing in a generator. The very first thing you need to think about is why are you going to buy a generator? Is your purpose recreational, or you are looking for emergency backup power to run a job site? The power outlet of the generator should … Read more

How to Connect a Generator to a House Without a Transfer Switch in 9 Easy Steps

We all need power, and most times, we get that power from the grid. However, what do we do when the grid fails us? We turn to our backup power source, our generators.  When you consider the total cost of actually purchasing the transfer switch, paying for materials and labour, you’ll find yourself parting ways … Read more

How to Install a Backup Generator Safely in Four Easy Steps

You’re right to worry about sudden power outages with natural disasters becoming more rampant. Learning how to install a backup generator is, therefore, in order. But first, it begins with choosing the right generator. One that is the right size for your space and the right specification for your needs. Whether you’re installing a generator … Read more

How to Quiet a Champion Generator

Champion generators are highly rated, so we know yours comes through for you all the time. Like all generators, it makes noise when it is running, and this can be a bother. In this article, we will give you five easy tips to quiet your Champion generator. But before we explore those tips, let us … Read more

How to Reduce Generator Fuel Consumption

One of the greatest handicaps we face is ensuring that we have sufficient electricity to power our businesses. Often, an absence or inadequacy in the electricity supply pushes us to seek off-grid solutions to our power needs. Despite being our most common solution to electricity challenges, generators are hardly the most budget or environmentally friendly … Read more

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