The Top Hose Reel Carts With Wheels – a Guide to an Easily Maintained Garden!

Are you someone who looks after a garden? If yes, then you’re probably aware of the frustration that comes with managing your garden hose.

Well, thanks to science and technology, you don’t have to do that anymore. The hose reel carts with wheels are your savior!

What Exactly Are Hose Reel Carts With Wheels?

Hose reel carts are small, compact trolley-like structures with wheels.

Most commonly, there are either two or four wheels attached to a reel. The hose is wound around the reel using a handle attached to it.

Reels come in different varieties and vary in their capacities to hold specific lengths of hoses. The wheels are what make the whole structure portable.

The hose reel cart with wheels follows you to the entire length of the garden. It saves you from the cumbersome task of carrying the whole hose with you everywhere, along with its associated tools.

Doesn’t that sound like a blessing for your back?
Besides, it keeps the hose from getting dirty, muddy and developing kinks that can affect water flow.

The Best Hose Reel Carts With Wheels in 2021

It is evident that a hose reel cart with wheels is an absolute necessity for a more easily manageable, clean garden.

The question that arises now is, which one to choose for your needs?

We have looked into the best hose reel carts with wheels to make the choice easier. So let’s have a look!

1. Eley Portable Garden Hose Reel Cart

The Eley hose reel cart is at the top of our list.

This reel cart has two turf tires that are 10 inches tall. These tires keep the reel drum well above the ground, saving it from the garden mud.

The tall tires also ensure that the reel cart stands steady and rolls over quickly, without being stuck. The turf tread tires allow this reel cart to be used on all lands, including rough, unequal, and sloping grounds.

The reel that comes with the Eley hose reel cart is well-built and steady. The gooseneck fittings make it easy for the reel to be attached, which makes the assembly of the cart less hectic.

The reel allows winding of 150 feet of hose, which is adequate for a standard garden. The flawless manufacture of the reel allows the hose to wind up smoothly and prevents kinks.

Another redeeming quality of this reel cart is that its body comprises aluminum and stainless steel, the two metals known for going years without rusting.

The reel cart comes with a detailed and comprehensive manual, making it convenient for the user to assemble it. Additionally, the tools for assembly are user-friendly and of good quality.

All these features make the Eley hose reel cart a worthwhile investment. If you are on the hunt for a reel cart that can last you years, this is the one to go for.


  • Premium quality
  • Robust
  • Easy to assemble
  • It can be used on different terrains
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Good quality tires that don’t go flat


  • Expensive
  • Lacks a utility tray/basket to carry small items

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2. Liberty Garden 870-M1-2 Industrial 4-Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart

This Liberty Garden hose reel cart is one of the most popular ones amongst customers.

The aesthetic finish of this tan cart demands attention and fits perfectly into the landscape.

This reel cart has four wheels instead of the usual two. This is the selling point of this reel cart that gives it a clear edge over its competitors. The extra wheels balance the weight perfectly and give this cart stability. The wheels are widely spaced and provide sufficient space for the reel drum to turn.

The 4-10″ pneumatic tires keep the center of gravity of the cart low, preventing it from falling over. This also means that the cart is suitable for use in different landscapes and serves professional needs.

The reel drum has a large diameter and is well-constructed. It can carry 300 feet of hose, which is a great length suitable for a widespread area. The built of the reel makes it easy to pull the hose without producing kinks.

If you have a huge garden to take care of, the Liberty Garden 4-wheel cart is an ideal product for you.


  • Can carry long, bulky hoses
  • Four wheels provide stability
  • Easy to roll
  • Its low center of gravity prevents tripping


  • Expensive
  • Prone to corrosion and oxidation
  • Less durable
  • Prone to leakage

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3.FDW Garden Hose Reel Cart with Wheels

The FDW hose reel cart is another highly stable one, thanks to its four wheels.

It has tall wheels that make it exceptionally easy to move. The cart quickly turns in the required direction without tripping over. The FDW cart has an artistic design that can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your garden.

The cart frame is constructed using heavy-duty alloy steel, which provides it with the ability to withstand harsh weather and weather changes. The cart’s body can resist oxidation and rusting for a significant period, adding immensely to its durability.

The materials used to manufacture this hose reel cart also result in it being lightweight and easy to move. The foam-padded handle adds to the comfort of the user.

These features indicate that the reel cart can cover various surfaces, including uneven and rough areas. It can carry 300 feet of hose, so it’s a plus that it can reach all corners of your garden.

The cherry on top? This FDW reel cart has an accessory basket attached to it. You can use this to carry small tools and essentials during gardening.


  • Four wheels provide stability
  • Can carry a long hose
  • The foam-padded handle makes it comfortable
  • Accessory basket


  • Assembly is relatively difficult
  • Can leak sometimes

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4. AMES Aluminum Hose Reel Cart

AMES is known for providing premium quality products to buyers. This hose reel cart is no different!

The reel cart has a sturdy body made of aluminum, enabling it to resist rusting for long periods. The handles, on the other hand, are made of high-grade plastic. This makes them easy to hold and decreases the overall weight of the cart.

The selling point of this AMES reel cart, however, is that it does not leak. The premium quality of the material and accurate fittings ensure each component is in its place.

So, if the leakage of hose frustrates you, the Ames Aluminium Cart is your go-to hose reel cart!


  • No leakage
  • Rust-proof frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good quality 
  • Durable


  • Expensive
  • No accessory basket

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5. Suncast JSF175 175 ft Hosemobile Reel Cart

The Suncast Reel Cart is highly compact and space-saving.

It has a beautifully designed body made of molded plastic. Plastic has an advantage over metal when it comes to rust or corrosion.

The hose reel cart has to be exposed to humidity, changing weather, and other outdoor conditions. Its plastic body allows it to last several seasons without substantial damage.

It has a brown finish that can go well with your garden’s background and result in an overall aesthetic look. This reel cart can carry 175 feet of hose in a minimal space, making it ideal for small gardens. Besides, the handle is collapsible, which makes the storage even more accessible.

The selling point of this Suncast hose reel cart, however, is its price. It is cheaper than most other varieties in this price range.

If you’re looking for a small, cost-effective reel cart for a small-sized garden, the Suncast Cart will be ideal for you.


  • Compact
  • It is an economical choice
  • Safe from rusting and corrosion


  • Not ideal for sloping gardens
  • Less durable
  • You can’t use it for large areas

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Picking the Best Garden Hose Reel Cart With Wheels – Buyers Guide

By now, you must have figured that there is a wide range of hose reel carts out there. Each of them has distinguishing features that make them unique.

The question is, how can you pick ONE out of these?

The final choice depends on a lot of factors that you should take into consideration. This is to make sure that your money doesn’t go to waste.

Here are a few things you should look out for in your search for a hose reel cart with wheels:

 1.    The Capacity of the Reel

Before you start looking for a reel cart, remember to measure your hose accurately.

Then look for a hose wheel cart that matches your hose length. Different reel carts have various capacities, and you should prefer one on which your hose can perfectly fit. Doing otherwise would increase the chances for leakage and damage, etc.

 2.    Quality and Type of Material

The life and durability of your hose reel cart depend on the quality of its material.

The use of cheap materials can significantly decrease the lifetime of the cart. This leads to water leaks, breaking down of reel drum, and loosening of nuts and bolts. You should prefer to get reel carts built from premium quality raw material.

There are many variations in the substances used for constructing the frame of the reel carts. Some brands use metal, whereas many others use plastics. Metal frames are more robust and sturdy but have the disadvantage of being prone to rust and corrosion.

Plastic frames can withstand different weather without rusting or oxidizing. They, however, stand a greater chance of breaking under harsh conditions. They are also less likely to be able to carry bulky hoses.

Your best bet is getting a reel cart of aluminum. The material is sturdy and robust and can resist rust for an extended time.

 3.    Wheels

Wheels are the game-changers when it comes to hose reel carts. They can make or break your cart!

The reel carts with four wheels have an advantage over ones with two wheels. They have excellent stability and can roll over much smoothly without straining your arm.

Tall wheels provide more mobility and smooth maneuver to the cart than shorter ones. You can also use them on different terrains. Keep this in mind when you choose your hose reel cart with wheels.


A good hose reel cart with wheels can change your gardening game and make it way more fun and exciting. It is a no-brainer that the key is a wise choice of reel cart.

Considering all the factors that make a good hose reel cart, our top recommendation is the Eley Portable Garden Hose Reel Cart. Its design and construction make it user-friendly, as well as easy to assemble. It is durable and can last you for years, despite being exposed to harsh weather conditions. 

All this makes Eley Portable Garden Hose Reel Cart worth the price. So get your hands on this fantastic product to make gardening more exciting!

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