Best Dual-Hose Portable Air Conditioners Reviews – A Buyer’s Guide for 2021

Are you one of the many people who’ve recently shifted to a new apartment? If so, you’re probably looking to buy a new air conditioner that can best serve your needs. Unfortunately, most apartments come with restrictions on the kind of air conditioner you can use.

If you are in a similar position, then you are in the right place! We have compiled a list of Dual-Hose Portable Air Conditioner reviews. We’ve also put together a buying guide to help you better understand your requirements.

These ACs are perfect for those who want an efficient cooling system but don’t have a suitable window.

What Is a Dual-Hose Air Conditioning Unit?

In recent years, dual-hose air conditioners have rapidly gained popularity. That is primarily because of their portability, convenience, affordability, and cooling capacity. These air conditioning units come with two hoses. One is an exhaust hose, and the other is an intake hose that expels hot air from the room. Here’s a list of some of the best dual-hose air conditioners you can purchase for your home or office in 2020!

1. Whynter ARC 14S 14,000 BTU Dual-Hose Portable Air Conditioner

Whynter products are some of the best in the dual-hose AC market. They have gained popularity for being energy-efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly.

The AC system has a cooling capacity of 14000 British Thermal Unit (BTU). That makes the ARC 14S an excellent option for those who want a cooling system in a small space.

The Air Conditioner comes with a dehumidifier that can drain up to 101 pints a day. That is an excellent feature since it allows the AC to function without having to drain often. This AC unit is a great choice for those who live in a humid climate region.

This affordable model has caster wheels that make it easy to move from one room to another. It also comes with washable and removable carbon filters that trap and remove pesticides. The AC is relatively quiet and does not produce much noise, making it ideal for light sleepers.

One disadvantage of this model is that it comes with long hoses. While this is a good feature if you want to move the AC around, it blocks the apartments’ ventilation space.

The Whynter ARC 14S is one of the two versions of Whynter ARC 143MX 14000. The ARC 14S version comes only with a cooling feature, unlike the ARC 14SH that provides both cooling and supplemental heating.

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2. Avallon 12,000 BTU Dual-Hose Portable Air Conditioner

The Avallon portable air conditioner is one of the best dual-hose models on the list. With a 12,000 BTU cooling capacity, it works efficiently to cool a room of the size 425 sq. Ft.

One of the reasons this product made it to our list is its self-evaporating technology that requires no draining, making it convenient for use.

The Avallon AC works quickly and efficiently. It comes with an easy-to-use window kit and three different fan speeds for a more controllable environment. It also has a decent dehumidification capacity of 81 pints per day.

The AC unit comes with caster wheels for portability and a 24-hour timer so you can enable the unit to turn on or off automatically. The timer also makes it an energy-efficient option compared to other models.

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3. Whynter Elite ARC 122 DS 12000

This Whynter air conditioning unit comes with a 12000 BTU cooling capacity. That makes it more than enough to effectively cool a room of the size 350-450 sq. ft.

This AC system uses carbon filters and has an air purifier’s functionalities, helping it control odor.

It uses an evaporative cooling system and removes moisture at the rate of up to 4.2 pints a day. The evaporative cooling system makes it perfect for people living in regions of a warm, dry climate.

This Whynter AC comes in three modes; dry, dehumidifier, and fan.

The system also has a heating capacity. However, it isn’t too efficient for heating. It is designed as a cooling unit and can only be used for supplemental heating. The heating feature is best used during the winter months of warmer regions.

This AC unit comes with a remote and thermostat with many features for better control of the environment. It also has handles and smooth caster wheels for portability.

The initial set-up of the system takes only 35 minutes.

Its primary disadvantage is that the unit weighs nearly 76 pounds. That makes it heavier compared to other models. Additionally, it can only fit windows that are up to 46 inches long.

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4. LG LP0817WSR 8000 BTU

With a cooling power of 8000 BTU, this LG air conditioning unit is ideal for small rooms and offices of 150-200 sq. Ft. It has a variable cooling speed, making the room temperature more controllable. Unlike many other portable dual-hose models, it also comes with an auto-swing technology which is generally only found in split AC’s.

It has automatic evaporation technology, which increases the unit’s efficiency and makes it more energy-efficient by recycling moisture.

The automatic evaporation feature also makes the room cool faster. It also uses air vent capabilities which keeps the apartment in better condition.

The LG air conditioner also has a dehumidifying capacity suitable for those who live in humid climates. It has a modern, minimalistic design and comes in black and white colors to give a sleek look to your apartment or office.

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5. HAIER 14,000 13,500 BTU Dual-Hose Portable Air Conditioner

With a 14000-13500 BTU, the Haier dual-hose portable air conditioner is one of the market’s leading units.

It has three modes; fan, cool, and dehumidifier. Unlike many other air conditioning units, it uses HEPA filters that also prevent bacteria and virus build-up.

The Haier air conditioning unit is portable and has smooth caster wheels that easily allow it to be moved from one room to another.

The system comes with a 24-hour timer to help you control the unit according to your preferences and save energy.

This model is fairly quiet, making it perfect for those easily irritated by loud sounds. It requires less maintenance and no manual draining.

It also uses auto evaporation technology that makes the unit energy-efficient and gives effective cooling.

This beautifully designed model comes in modern black and white color, ideal for a contemporary aesthetic.

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A Guide to Buying a Dual-hose Portable Air Conditioning Unit in 2021

Many of you must be conflicted about buying a dual-hose portable air conditioner. Don’t worry, keep reading to find out why it is a sound investment.

Why Should You Buy a Dual-Hose Air Conditioner?

  • They are ideal for apartments and offices sized between 100-600 sq. Ft. For example, studio or one-bedroom apartments.
  • Dual-hose units are ideal for spaces that do not come with single or double-hung windows and cannot facilitate a window air conditioning unit’s functioning.
  • They provide excellent and quick cooling despite being small and portable.
  • Most models that have been manufactured in the last five years are energy-efficient and do not use environmentally damaging components such as CFCs.
  • The majority of new models use evaporative cooling technology to remove moisture from the air, making them more efficient.
  • Most models provide cooling and dehumidifying capabilities. This is also called the dry mode and is particularly useful in tropical regions where the air is humid but not hot.
  • Compared to single-hose units, they are more effective for cooling larger rooms. They are also efficient since they do not allow the hot outdoor air to enter the room as single-hose models do.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Dual-Hose AC?

  • Coolness

This is the key factor when you are looking to buy an air conditioner. In the case of dual-hose units, the higher the BTU, the better the cooling. It is also essential to keep in mind the room’s size and get a model that efficiently cools down a room.

  • Portability

Portability is yet another significant factor when you are deciding which air conditioner to get. If you want a portable unit to move between rooms quickly, it is best to get one that comes with smooth caster wheels.

  • Noise

If you are a light sleeper or easily irritated by loud noises, it is essential to look for a model that creates minimum noise. The Whynter ARC 14S 14,000 BTU Dual-Hose Portable Air Conditioner is a good choice in this regard.

  • Self Evaporating

This is a significant feature when you are looking to buy a dual-hose air conditioner. That is because self-evaporation increases the efficiency of a unit. It makes the room cool down quicker and assures a lower electricity cost.

  • Set-Up

Are you one of those who aren’t very handy and have a hard time putting together or installing electrical appliances? A dual-hose portable AC unit will provide you one of the most accessible set-up experiences. Most dual-hose models take less than 35 minutes to set up. These units come with detailed instruction manuals that are easy to understand. Since these AC systems are portable, you won’t face any problems if you have to relocate or move to a different room.


Dual-hose portable ACs have gained tremendous popularity over the last decade. However, some units in the market do not live up to their expectations. Many users complain of the functional problems of those units. The products we’ve listed above are some of the best in this market. They are guaranteed to perform well for long periods.

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