Best Framing Tool Belt – Your Guide to Choosing the Best Framing Belt in 2021

As a professional framer, you will need to work with many tools. However, carrying these tools with you can often be a hassle, which is why it is better to opt for a tool belt.

A tool belt will make your job easier, faster and prevent the loss of your tools. It is often used by construction professionals, including electricians, carpenters, and framers. Most tool belts contain almost similar features and shapes, although each profession has a different tool belt to suit their needs.

Before anything, let’s see why using a tool belt can work out in your favor:

Benefits of Using a Tool Belt

You may already have a tool bag to store and transport your equipment. Or perhaps you use a tool pouch to keep your hammer, nails, and other small items and haven’t considered getting a tool belt.

Regardless, using a tool belt can entirely change the way you work. Here are some of the most significant advantages of using a tool belt for carrying your tools:

  • Organized Tools

As a framer, you most certainly work with several tools of various sizes, shapes, and weights. Using a tool belt helps to organize these tools and provides easy access while working.

  • Improved Safety

A toolbox, while storing your tools, frees up your hands for other things. When working on a ladder or top of a roof, you need your hands to be free in case of any emergency. Wearing a tool belt also helps you balance while you are on a ladder, making it safer to work with.

  • Conserves Energy

When you use a tool belt, you’re able to reduce the number of movements you make while working. This means you have to use less energy and won’t tire out quickly.

  • Increases Your Productivity

Using tool belts can give a significant boost to your productivity. A tool belt keeps your tools within arm’s reach, increasing the speed with which you can work on a project. As a result, you can now finish more tasks in less time.

  • Saves Time

We’ve all been in situations where we couldn’t find a particular tool because of its small size. But, with a tool belt’s several compartments, you can select a tiny pocket to place your tool. This saves you a considerable amount of time since you can simply reach out and pick the tool of your choice.

  • Professional Image

Having a tool belt distinguishes you as a professional. Instead of carrying all your tools in your hand, or worse, climbing up and down the ladder to pick the tools you need. A tool belt portrays you as a skilled professional who understands the task well.

  • Health Benefits

A majority of tool belts come with suspenders. This helps distribute the weight of the tools on your waist and shoulders. As a result, some of the stress on your back and shoulder can be relieved.

Best Framing Tool Belts for 2021 – Our Top 10 Picks

Once you decide to buy a new framing tool belt, you’ll come across a wide variety on the market. In the midst of these choices, it often gets hard to distinguish between the pros and cons of the products. Therefore, we’ve come up with a round-up of the ten best framing tool belts to satisfy your needs and give you a clear idea of what each product is best for.

To make sure that we provide you with the most coherent list possible, we did thorough research on the features of each tool belt. We also discussed the pros and cons of each tool belt so you can make an informed decision.

As a result of this hard work, here is a list of the ten best framing tool belts on the market.

1. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614


If you are looking for rugged gear with enough pouches and pockets to contain all your tools, this is the best fit for you.

This toolbelt comes with six large pouches to accommodate all of your extensive tools. It has 13 small pockets for tools like nails, screws, and fasteners. It also has two hammer holders, sleeves for a pry bar, carpenters square, and a measuring tape clip.

Made of polyester, this tool belt can withstand the roughness of the job and not give way.

The CLC tool belt is quite comfortable to wear since it has adjustable padded suspenders. This distributes the weight evenly and doesn’t put pressure on your waist or hips.


  • Strong and durable material
  • It is comfortable enough to wear for long hours
  • It comes with enough pouches and pockets to fit in almost every tool you have
  • Provides excellent value for money
  • Distributes the weight of the belt equally


  • Some of the pouches are too large
  • The belt slides out of the loops too easily

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2. Occidental Leather 8089 Oxylights Framer Set

The best part of the Occidental framing tool belt is its versatility. The belt can serve perfectly in a variety of work conditions.

This Oxylights framer set is a component belt system that allows you to customize the pouches around your belt to fit the job. You can even swap your tool bags or the leather patch that holds the hammer loop in the middle. This makes your tools accessible and enhances productivity.

This belt comes in various sizes, including small and XXXL, so you can pick out the suitable size without worrying about the belt sliding off your waist.

Due to the leather finishing, this is quite a long-lasting belt. The hefty price tag will be offset by the many years this belt will serve you. Also, the leather pouches have a lifetime warranty. So, if they get damaged, you can send them back to the manufacturer to be replaced.

If you do heavy-duty projects and are willing to drop big bucks for a durable and high-quality tool belt, this is the perfect fit for you.


  • Made with sturdy leather
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee for leather pouches
  • It comes with adjustable tool pouches
  • Relatively comfortable to wear on long jobs
  • You can choose a belt to fit your waist size


  • It comes at a hefty price compared to other belts
  • If you work in hot climates, the leather could wash its color onto your clothes

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3. Dewalt DG5617 20 Pocket Pro Framers Apron Toolbelt

Are you looking for a sturdy belt that is comfortable to wear while working? If yes, then this Dewalt product is the ideal choice.

The Dewalt Pro Framers Apron Toolbelt comes with padded yoke-style suspenders. This helps distribute weight evenly around your frame. Moreover, the suspenders are fixed to the belt at four points so that you can adjust them to fit your body.

Made of breathable mesh nylon, the belt doesn’t make you sweaty. The waist size for this belt ranges from 29” – 42”. It is fitted with 20 pockets; 9 large ones for primary tools and 11 small pockets and sleeves for pencils, nails, etc.

The tool belt also comes with zipper pouches to secure your valuables. This gives enough room to organize all your tools and keep them accessible when working. 

On top of this, the tool belt is fitted with a screw-on steel loop for hammers and other tools, a built-in utility knife pocket that prevents accidental punctures in the pouches, and a phone pouch to hold your mobile device securely while you work.


  • Fully adjustable padded yoke-style suspenders for comfort and fit
  • Large gusset style pouches for large tools, and little ones to fit small tools
  • Has zippered pouches to secure valuables
  • Made with sturdy materials, so it’s quite durable


  • The phone pocket is too small for most phones
  • Plastic suspenders are susceptible to damage

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4. Style N Craft 98434 Framers Tools Belt

Made with heavy-duty top-grained oiled leather, the Style N Craft framers tool belt is exceptionally durable.

The belt consists of two tool bags that fit the belt on the two ends. A separate leather patch holds the hammer loop in the middle. None of these are fixed on the belt and can be used independently of the belt.

The tool bags have 17 smaller pockets and holders between them and are stitched with heavy-duty nylon threads. One bag contains six internal pockets below the tape holder and is used to store small tools like nail sets, pencils, etc. Fitted on the other pouch are the tape holder, combination square, and pry bar.

The central belt is a 3-inch wide leather belt with a double prong metal roller buckle. So if you are looking for a stylish, sturdy, high-quality tool belt, it doesn’t get any better than the Style N Craft belt.


  • Comes with two tool bags
  • It is made of sturdy and durable leather
  • It fits tightly on the waist when buckled correctly
  • You can adjust the tool bags to make them more comfortable to work
  • Looks quite stylish


  • It doesn’t come with suspenders
  • The leather can stain your shirt or trousers

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5. Occidental Leather 8580 FatLip Tool Bag Set

With a rugged build, the Occidental Leather 8580 FatLip Tool Bag Set can handle all the roughness and abuse you throw at it. 

The central belt is authentic leather, while the bags are made of resistant nylon stitched to leather bottoms. You can be sure they will hold up to the pinches and punctures of your sharp tools. In fact, you can smell the leather right off the packaging, but this belt doesn’t just look nice.

It comes with two main bags; the tool and the fastener. The tool bag is the pouch that contains space for hammers, pencils, utility knives, and chisels, etc. This bag is often worn on the right side of the body.

The other bag worn on the left side is most suitable for right-handed individuals. It holds your fastening items such as your nails, driver bits, angle square. Occidental also provides a left-handed version for left-handed professionals.

The tool bags are adjustable and have handles. You are free to move them around as you work, so you can easily reach your tools. The tool bags are made majorly from nylon, so they are lightweight belts, unlike full leather ones.

It also distributes the weight evenly around your waist. You have the option of purchasing suspenders that ease the weight and spread it around your frame. This is an excellent option to consider if you work long hours regularly.


  • Made with sturdy leather material
  • Lighter than full leather belts
  • Easy to wear and work with
  • You can move the tool bags around


  • The bags can move around, so you may have to keep adjusting them
  • It comes at a hefty price

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6. Dead in DO-FR Framers Rig

This is a belt for heavy-duty construction workers who need enough space to fit almost all their tools.

The Framers Rig comes with 32 integrated pockets for storage, which is the highest among the set of tool belts on our list. It also has four boxed nail pouches tops and a rectangular rafter pocket.

This tool belt is manufactured with a 600 denier poly material and has a moisture-wicking mesh liner.

The belt comes with suspenders combined with back support to distribute the weight of the tools evenly.

Most buyers on a budget will find this tool belt to be a great choice. This is because it offers all the bells and whistles that top-end belts have without compromising the quality of materials and storage capacity.


  • Huge accessible pocket for a wide range of tools
  • Made of durable materials so it won’t easily give way
  • Great price for the quality of the belt


  • The pouches are held to the belt by velcro and can fall off

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7. CLC Custom Leathercraft 6714 Heavy Duty Framers Tool Belt

Built for the power user, this belt contains metal hooks to carry cordless drills, nail guns, and other power tools.

This CLC Framers Tool Belt is fitted with two main bags, with 31 pockets and sleeves to fit various tools you work with. It comes with large-mouthed pockets so you can pick up smaller tools even with a gloved hand. This gives more than enough capacity with easy access to make you more productive.

The easy-to-carry handles on the tool bags help in making adjustments while you work. The bags are designed to be spillproof, you can pick up the belt without the risk of all your tools falling out.

You can say goodbye to back pains after work because this belt comes with padded suspenders. It is fitted at three points in the belt to distribute the load evenly without straining your lower back or hip. As a result, the belt combines safety with comfort.

Furthermore, the belt is fitted with a double tongue steel roller buckle to fit snugly around your waist and not slip off while working.

This tool belt is made of industrial-grade nylon, which makes it relatively lightweight.


  • You can work with it for long hours
  • It has enough storage spaces for all your tools
  • Made of lightweight and sturdy material
  • Reduces overall load without compromising on quality


  • The pouches are fairly large, and tools can fall out of place
  • Some pockets are too small and close together to fit anything inside them
  • The pry bar holder allows it to sway, and it can be an interruption while you’re walking

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8. GlossyEnd 11 Pocket Brown and Black Heavy Duty Construction Tool Belt

The GlossyEnd tool belt is the perfect tool for DIY homeowners to carry out minor repairs or fixtures.

The belt is made of heavy-duty grade 600D polyester, so it is relatively light yet durable. Its pockets are stitched with tough nylon thread and reinforced with rust-proof rivets.

This belt has 11 pockets – 5 main ones for primary tools and six smaller ones to fit pliers, pencils, gauges, nail sets, etc. It also comes with two steel loops for hammers and pry bars.

Unlike most tool belts, the tool bags in this one are fixed. This can pose an issue if ease of access is essential to you.

Moreover, the poly web belt is 2 inches wide but comes with a quick-release buckle to adjust the waist-length from 33 inches to 52 inches.

So if you are a hobbyist or just starting your construction career, this is one of the best tool belts you can get.


  • It is a simple belt with no complexities at all
  • At 1.05 pounds, it is one of the lightest belts on the market
  • You can easily wear it for longer periods
  • Has enough pockets to contain essential tools for light work or repair
  • Great for the DIY homeowner, hobbyist, or entry-level construction worker


  • It can’t be used for heavy-duty work
  • After a while, your sharp tools start to puncture the nylon pockets
  • The tool pouches are not moveable, so they can be a hurdle when working

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9. Task Tools T77250 Weekend Warrior Apron

This framing tool belt is the perfect option for stylish DIYers. As the name implies, it is a tool belt for working on light jobs or repairs around your house over the weekend.

The belt is manufactured from durable, rugged split leather stitched with a nylon thread and secured with non-rust rivets.

It contains three large pouches and two sleeves attached to the outer pouches. Moreover, it is fitted with a rust-resistant hammer loop and a leather holder that can hold the pry bar.

The belt comes with a 2-inch wide poly web belt made from industry-grade heavy-duty polymer. You can fasten the belt to your waist with the strap-on and quickly release it when you are done.


  • Made with sturdy leather
  • It comes at a great price for the quality of materials used
  • It is an excellent choice for the entry-level framer or contractor
  • Can serve as a gift to a hobbyist framer


  • It comes with fewer pockets than most tool belts
  • You can’t hold any heavy tool with this belt
  • The tool bags are not moveable, so they can obstruct your work

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10. JACKSON PALMER Professional Comfort-Rig Tool Belt

Several features add to the uniqueness of the Jackson Palmer Professional Comfort-Rig Tool Belt.

The first is the padded back suspenders and chest straps. These are connected at 5 points to the belt for distributing the weight evenly among the shoulder, waist, and hip. As a result, the belt is easy to wear even with the weight of tools in it. As the name suggests, comfort seems to be the utmost priority for the manufacturers.

The second unique feature of this belt is its bright khaki color. This happens to be the only tool belt in this list that comes in such a fresh color. So if you’re looking for a good-looking and stylish belt, this would be a great fit for you.

Another thing to note is that the belt comes with two large tool bags. There are eight pockets in each pack, two outer pockets, and one hook for a power tool. These bags are connected to the tool belt with iron buckles and double stitched to ensure they stay in place.

Next is the arrangement of the pockets inside the tool bags. The pockets are organized strategically so that you can put in your tools and remove them to work without any hassle. There is also a hammer loop in the middle.

On top of that, we certainly can’t ignore the sturdiness of this rig. The tool belt weighs a whopping 5.28 pounds, outweighing some of the best leather rigs on our list. This is a testament to the heavy-duty reinforced nylon material used to make this belt.


  • You can move around the tool bags to suit your working needs
  • It has two power tool hooks for heavy power users
  • Easy to work with as it comes with fully adjustable shoulder straps
  • The shoulder and chest straps are padded with a cooling mesh to enhance breathability
  • It is made of sturdy, durable, and long-lasting materials
  • The handles on the tool bags make them easy to carry about


  • The hooks for the power tools seem to catch on to other items in the way
  • It doesn’t come with a measure tape hook

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Buying Guide to Get the Best Framing Tool Belt

Before you go on to order your tool belt, check out some of the most important factors you have to consider when making that final choice.

  • Type of Project

The first thing you need to check before choosing a tool belt is the type of project you are involved in. Is it a heavy-duty project or just minor builds and repairs around the house?

You must also take note of how many times a week you will need to use the tool belt. A daily contractor will have different needs from a hobbyist or DIYer who carries out minor repairs every other week.

Another thing to check is the main tools you work with. Some tool belts have a tape measure pouch or hook, while some don’t. A few models come with a double hook for power tools and hammers, but others only have a single hammer loop.

  • Material Used

The materials used to manufacture a tool belt are the most critical factor in determining its durability. Leather materials are stylish and attractive and also offer a long-lasting finish. These belts are often heavier than other materials.

Another type of material is grain oiled-tanned saddle leather. It is even shinier and more attractive than standard leather, although it isn’t nearly as strong as the latter.

However, the most common material used to manufacture belts is industry-grade nylon. It is more affordable than leather, can withstand wear and tear, and lasts long if taken care of properly.

Some other belts are also manufactured as a combination of leather and nylon. This type of construction is done taking the advantages of leather – durable, stylish, and mixing it with the benefits of nylon – affordable, lightweight.

  • Price

A common misconception is that a high price always translates to greater quality. This is not always the case since several moderately priced tool belts offer excellent quality as well.

That is not to say you should go for the cheapest option available. Most belts that cost more upfront stay with you for more extended periods. On the other hand, a super cheap belt will have to continually be replaced until the aggregate cost catches up to the initial cost of the former belt.

Overall, you should carefully consider your budget and how long you will use the tool belt before making the final decision.

  • Fittedness 

Some tool belts are meant for prominent waist professionals, while some are for slim-waisted ones. To get the right fit, you will have to check the specifications from the manufacturer.

You should also go through some genuine reviews to see how the belts fit people of different waist sizes and heights.

  • Suspenders

Although most tool belts come with suspenders or at least hooks for suspenders, not all of them allow you to attach external suspenders with them. 

However, if you have to work with heavy tools for a long time, you should consider getting a tool belt with suspenders. But if your job doesn’t require you to work long hours, you can make it work without using suspenders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which Material Is the Most Durable?

The idea behind a tool belt is to do heavy-duty work. As a result, it is always manufactured with tough materials that can withstand a lot of stress and pressure. For this purpose, materials such as leather are more durable than nylon.

2. Can I Use Tool Belts of Other Professions?

As a professional, it is advised that you use the tool belt built specifically for your profession. Even though most tool belts are designed similarly, some special pouches and pockets are designed into a particular professional tool belt. For example, the electrician tools belt may not contain a hammer hanger as framing ones do.

3. How Do I Maintain the Tool Belt?

The materials used in the tool belts, such as leather, nylon, are all easy to maintain. You can simply wipe your belt with a wet cloth when it gets dirty. Moreover, your tool belt doesn’t require heavy cleaning, so you should avoid using chemicals to clean it.

4. I Already Have a Tool Pouch. Do I Still Need a Tool Belt?

A tool pouch does the job of containing some very essential tools you use while working, such as your hammer, nails, screws, and other tiny tools. On the other hand, a belt is more versatile and valuable since it contains added space for more tools.

While a tool pouch may get the job done for a temporary period, a tool belt can make your work much easier in the long run.


We created this round-up with a single purpose; to present the facts as they are and remove any confusion you may have about getting a new tool belt.

Getting the right tool belt can significantly improve your productivity, and we’ve done our best to help you make the right choice.

So if you have gone through this guide, we hope you are now more certain about the framing tool belt you are going to buy. We also presume that you’ve been able to gather enough information about the best framing tool belts that can allow you to make a wise decision.

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