10 Best Drill Press for Metal in the Market

Every year, newer and improved versions of drill presses are released by various companies worldwide.

These machines now include features that make your work experience better than ever before.

You may have thought or even dreamt of having one of these, and now, you can get them at your fingertips. However, it becomes challenging to find the best one out there amid the crowd, so we have done the work for you.

After endless search and comparisons to find the features that make up a good drill press, we finally have a round-up for you to get your perfect tool!

So keep reading to learn about the top 10 best drill press for metal you can find online:

1. Dewalt dwe1622k Drill Press

The DEWALT DWE1622K Magnetic Drill press for metal is well-known for its ability to drill through various metals. With its lightweight design, you can bring the benchtop drill wherever you go!

It is best used for DIY projects and is designed for a simple, user-friendly experience. The drill press allows you to choose from two speeds (300 and 450 rpm). Moreover, it comes with a 10-amp motor, a drill that can travel 4 ⅜ inches, and built-in storage.

The magnetic base of this portable drill press adds to the excitement by keeping your metal in its place as you work. Another impressive feature is the built-in overload system, which activates automatically when the drill press is strained. As a consequence, the LED lights will begin to flicker before gradually shutting down.

On top of that, you can place the magnetic coolant bottle wherever you need to help you work more efficiently. You may also adjust the motor’s height as per your preference. Lastly, its chuck mechanism can be easily configured to meet your needs as well.


  • Portable and easy-to-use
  • Perfect for DIY users at home or in a small workshop
  • It comes with built-in storage
  • The overload system protects the motor from damage
  • Quick and simple chuck mechanism


  • Not able to drill effectively through ferrous metals
  • Not advisable for professional use

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2. Skil 3320-01 10-Inch Drill Press With Laser

With this fantastic crimson benchtop drill press for metal, you can enjoy five different speed settings within the unit! In addition, the baseplate and table are designed with anti-skid features for a smooth and steady experience. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the drill press being unbalanced.

When operating, you can choose from a speed range of 570 to 3050 rpm. Other than that, its adjustable 8-inch worktable can be elevated, lowered, or tilted up to 45 degrees to whichever flat side you prefer.

It also features a drilling capacity of 2 ⅛ inches, a keyed chuck size at ½ inches, and a motor powered by two cells (or a cord, if you prefer).

Furthermore, it’s relatively easy to put together and is frequently used by DIY enthusiasts and first-timers who want to try their hand at home projects.

This device is stable, durable, and portable at a low cost. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also an X2 laser guide to help you work with more precision!


  • Great for beginners to use
  • Compact and professional design
  • Adjustable cast-iron table
  • Built-in laser for precise drilling
  • Lightweight and portable at 50.8 pounds


  • The laser-targeting is sometimes off the mark
  • The column base collar is made of cast white metal

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3. Wen 4208 8-Inch 5-Speed Drill Press

WEN is well-known for the incredible metal drill presses they produce. The WEN 4208 is one of their many exciting products, and it’s specifically designed for individuals searching for a low-cost solution!

Its affordable price sets it apart from the competition, especially considering it runs on a 1.3 horsepower motor. This is appropriate for light to medium work for metal, wood, and plastic materials.

You may operate at any of the five distinct speeds, which range from 740 to 3,140 rpm. The drill press comes with built-in key storage, a keyed chuck at ½-inch, and a cast-iron foundation to keep it steady on your workstation.

The 6.5-inch worktable can be swiveled and tilted by 45 degrees to make it more efficient for you.

Moreover, with its 2-inch spindle travel, this 8-inch drill press is suitable for smaller dimensions of materials.

Overall, the WEN 4208 is ideal for hobbyists, and its light weight of 34.2 lbs allows it to be conveniently packed away after usage. You can also use mounting clamps to secure the material to the table.


  • It is a cost-effective option with great features
  • Speed presets from 740 to 3140 RPM
  • Portable unit that saves workspace
  • Allows angled drilling with an adjustable 6.5-inch table
  • Ideal for small projects


    • The 2-inch spindle travel only works for thinner materials
    • There is no digital speed reading available

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4. Wen 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press

Here we have yet another excellent benchtop drill press from Wen!

The WEN 4214 provides exceptional performance with features that set it apart from the competition.

Designed for hobbyists and professionals alike, this drill press has a 12-inch swing, a stroke distance of 3 ⅛ inches, and a chuck size of ⅝ inches.

Similar to the previous model, this unit has a square (9 ½-inch by 9 ½-inch) work table that angles left and right up to 45 degrees. You can also use the lever to fine-tune the speed according to your preference. This ranges from 580 to 3200 rpm, and the drill press maintains the same power and torque in the process.

You can then use the machine’s LED digital reading or speed display to operate your drill press better.

All in all, the WEN 4214 is a versatile drill press that you can use for a variety of projects, including wood and metal. Furthermore, you can extend the table up to 17 inches for more extensive materials or a wider workspace.

The machine works on a ⅔ HP induction motor and a precise X-crosshair laser, along with a work light to assist you in your work. With this reliable and productive drill press, you will surely get the most value for your money in the long run!


  • It comes with variable speed options
  • Offers digital speed reading 
  • Has an extendable and angle-adjustable work table
  • There is a built-in work light and laser guide
  • It is excellent for beginners and professional use


  • The speeds are not advisable for ½-inch heavy steel 
  • The casting is somewhat rough

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5. WEN 4225T 8.6-Amp 15-Inch Variable Speed Floor Standing Drill Press

Now that two models of a benchtop Wen drill press are out of the way, you might want to consider a floor top drill press to work on metals.

This model allows you to choose between 12 speeds ranging from 180 rpm to 2,949 rpm. As a result, you can easily use it for a wide variety of materials.

With this unit, you can effortlessly deal with even the toughest metals, hardwood, and plastics.

It has a 14×14 inches cast-iron table that you can rotate 45 degrees left and right for angled holes, just like the other two versions. The spindle moves at 4 ¾ inches, has a chuck sized at ⅝ inches and offers built-in key storage.

The WEN 4425T stationary drill press is designed for better stability and endurance, so you can work without worrying about the surface being wobbly.

There is also a laser light to help you achieve a higher accuracy while working and a flexible work light so you can see better. Moreover, it has a 15-inch swing and is powered by a 8.6-amp induction motor.

On top of that, the machine is equipped with a coolant runoff to keep the drill from overworking its system.


  • It has a more extensive work table to accommodate bigger projects
  • Comes with a work light and laser guide for precision
  • It offers a choice of 12 speeds ranging from 180 to 2940 rpm
  • There is a cast-iron frame and base for a stable experience


  • It is relatively difficult to set up the laser guide
  • There is a limited chuck since smaller drill bits are not compatible

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6. Jet Jdp-17 17-Inch Drill Press

The Jet company, which is a solid competitor to Wen, is also at the top in the world of drill presses.

This floor top drill press for metal shows how much material this bad boy can handle! With a 5-inch stroke length that you can adjust with a turn of the handle, this unit is undoubtedly one to impress.

The Jet JDP-17 offers optimum stability with no shaking of any sort, especially considering its massive cast-iron foundation and precision drilling with the laser to direct your work process. Furthermore, the one-handed belt allows you to choose from 16 different speeds in the range of 210 to 3,500 rpm.

Made of high-quality, long-lasting materials, you can’t go wrong with this investment since it’s designed to accurately drill a variety of materials for however long you need.

Its large worktable, which measures 14 by 19 inches, can also be rotated sideways up to 90 degrees. The unit is powered by a 0.75 hp motor that is connected through a cord.

On top of that, its LED work light also illuminates your vision to prevent shadows while working.


  • The unit ensures stability and longevity
  • Offers 16-speed options, ranging from 210 to 3,500 rpm
  • It has a huge worktable at 14 by 19 inches
  • The worktable is adjustable up to 90 degrees sidewards
  • It can handle various materials with a 5” stroke length


  • There is a lot of vibration in the upper quill
  • The outer sleeve of its chuck tends to wobble

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7. Jet 354170 (Jdp-20mf) Floor Standing Drill Press for Metal

With the JDP-20MF floor top drill press for metal, Jet consistently delivers an amazing performance of drill presses!

You can expect nothing less than the best out of this unit, which is equipped with a powerful 1.5 hp motor and outstanding torque capability. In addition, it has a chuck size of up to ¾ inches, which is ideal for individuals dealing with more extensive materials.

The drill press also features 12 variable speeds ranging from 150 to 4200 rpm for your different projects.

Furthermore, the 18×16 inches worktable is adjustable up to 45 degrees to the left or right for angled drilling. It also has a swing size of 20 inches and spindle travel of 4 ⅝ inches.

Besides that, the unit comes with a safety spindle guard and an On/Off switch, making it safe to use while working. As a result, this drill press is incredible to use for industrial projects.


  • Provides a durable and stable drilling experience
  • It has a powerful motor with a great range of speed
  • Includes a work light for improved functionality
  • It comes with a large adjustable work area 
  • You can easily adjust the spindle speed 


  • The belt tensioning for speed adjustment is somewhat difficult
  • There is no laser guide for drilling

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8. Delta 18-900l Laser Drill Press for Metal

Delta is another impressive competitor to WEN and JET and has dominated the industrial scene for decades. This drill press is built and designed primarily for professional use and is trusted for its exceptional performance.

A standout feature of this standing or floor top drill press is the huge worktable (20 x 28 inches) with a fence and T-slots to secure the material. The table also has a maximum bevel of 90 degrees to the left and right.

Stability, power, control, and longevity are all guaranteed, as is the user-friendly experience of the laser.

It has an 18-inch swing and a 6-inch stroke distance, which is ideal for larger parts. Powered by a ¾ horsepower motor, the unit allows you to choose from 16 different speeds.

The Delta 18-900L drill press is an excellent choice if you want to invest in a long-lasting and sturdy metal drill press for industrial use.


  • Best for heavy-duty industrial use
  • It has a built-in laser guide for precise drilling
  • Includes a bright LED work light
  • Micro measured adjustment of height for drilling
  • Sturdy and durable for long-term use


  • The edge finishing quality could be better
  • You have to change the belts to vary the speed

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9. SE 3-Speed Mini Drill Press (97511 Mdp)

This 7 ½ inch mini drill press from Sona Enterprises is ideal for compact home workstations.

The unit weighs 2.2 pounds and is 20.5 x 13.1 x 17.1 inches. It’s lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport or carry anywhere you need to go. Moreover, the drill press allows you to choose from three different speed options of 5000, 6500, and 8000 rpm.

The SE 97511 mini drill press works on 110-volt power. Furthermore, its work surface measures up to 6 9/16” square. The chuck key is sized at 6 mm, and the unit also includes three wrenches.

Overall, this is the most suitable option for small-scale DIY projects.


  • It has a compact size that allows you to save space
  • Lightweight and portable
  • It has a powerful motor that can reach 8000 rpm speed
  • Ideal for small DIY projects


  • Primarily useful for lightweight materials
  • It doesn’t come with a warranty

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10. Proxxon 38128 Bench Drill Press

This Proxxon benchtop drill press for metal is known for being efficient, portable, and small, and it will certainly amaze you with its performance! You can take it with you anywhere you go and still work on your DIY projects without much hassle.

Frequently used for smaller crafts and projects, this adorable drill press measures 12.6 x 9.45 x 5.12 inches in size and weighs roughly 8 pounds. The Proxxon 38128 does not disappoint when it comes to speed, with three settings of 1,800 rpm, 4,700 rpm, and a whopping 8,500 rpm. Its worktable is made of ribbed die-cast aluminum and spans 8 ½ by 4 ¾ inches.

Proxxon assures that the machine has a near-silent motor that works at 0.115 horsepower and lasts a long time. It also has a chuck that fits ⅜ inches drill bits and can drill holes up to 0.5 millimeters in diameter.

You can adjust the headstock up to 5 ½ inches from the spindle to the worktable as per your needs. In addition, this dark green shaded drill press for metal is powered through electric cords at 120 volts.


  • Convenient and portable to bring wherever you go
  • Saves space for your work area
  • It has a powerful output with a maximum speed of 8,500 rpm
  • Capable of drilling small holes sized at 0.5 mm
  • It comes with a quiet and long-lasting motor


  • Generates a lot of heat
  • Only suitable for smaller projects

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A Buying Guide: What You Need to Look For in a Drill Press for Metal

Among various options available, we decided to help you find the perfect product with the factors given in this buying guide. So read on to know the things you need to watch out for when choosing the best drill press for metal.

  • Type

The two main types of drill presses include benchtop and floor, depending on your needs and work ethic.

As the name implies, benchtop drill presses are mounted on a workbench and are lighter than the latter.

Therefore, most benchtop drill presses are built for light to medium work, which may be suitable for your projects.

The power of some of these drill presses will surprise you, but you should also consider the sturdiness of the machine.

On the other hand, floor drill presses are stationed on a floor and used for heavy-duty industrial applications. This indicates that this type is more suited to professional use. Since they’re on the floor, floor drill presses are more stable than the lightweight benchtop ones. In comparison to the former type, they can withstand significantly larger and thicker materials.

  • Motor and Power

The motor of a metal drill press is an essential component since you need to ensure that it doesn’t overheat. If the motor is overworked, it will shorten the lifespan of your unit. As a result, you should check if the motor is part of the machine to cool effectively. Alternatively, you can look for machines that include a self-monitoring system to avoid burnout.

The power of the motor varies with each unit, so you’ll need to figure out which one best suits your needs and the materials you’ll be working with. For example, although floor-standing drill presses are more powerful than benchtop ones, you have to station your drill press in an area that can accommodate its size well.

  • Speed

Each drill press for metal has its own set of fixed speed settings, while others are adjustable based on your preference. Therefore, you must first determine which speed is ideal for the metal you’re dealing with.

A unit with a considerable variation between the maximum and minimum range is the best pick if you’re working with various metals. Aside from that, some drill presses include a digital reading so you can be sure you’re operating at the pace you want.

If the metal is more difficult to work through, a slower cutting speed will work best. For less hard materials, a faster cutting speed is ideal. This can change if your cutting tool is tough enough to cut through different materials.

  • Chuck Size

A chuck is where you insert your drill bit. Its tightness can be adjusted based on the size of the drill bit, although drill presses have their size limitations. For example, the chuck size on small drill presses is 0.25 inches or less, whereas larger units can have up to 0.75 inches.

  • User Convenience

Some drill presses include adjustable tables that you can alter in height and angle to suit your needs. Furthermore, drill presses with laser guides are available to help you create more precise holes while working.

Likewise, the unit’s stability is crucial, especially to avoid any measurement errors during drilling. You should look for a drill press made of durable materials to prevent any kind of shaking from the worktable or the base itself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions about metal drill presses.

1. What can you use a drill press for?

You can use it for any material you need to drill a hole in or polish with precision and stability. This includes DIY projects at home like drilling a ceramic pot for your plants, to industrial tasks for drilling metal.

2. What makes a metal drill press better than a hand drill?

The most obvious answer is that drill presses provide stability since they are mounted on a firm surface such as a workbench or the floor. Most drill presses also have helpful features like an adjustable worktable, laser guide, and varying speed options. As a result, you can work efficiently and safely on more materials with a drill press than a hand drill.

3. What safety measures do you have to take when using a drill press for metal?

You should always check and follow the safety instructions given by the manufacturer of your drill press. Other than that, keep your hands and fingers away from the drill, wear the proper safety equipment, and never use your hand to hold the material or clean its metal shavings.

4. What are the metals a floor top drill can accommodate?

Since floor top drills are designed to be stable for heavy-duty projects, they can drill various materials, including steel, cast iron, titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, and more. You should make sure you have the right drill for the job and that it can work with your material.

5. What size of drill press for metal size should you use?

The size of the drill press is entirely dependent on the size you can accommodate in your work area. The main difference is in the size of the chuck and the depth of the adjustment while drilling holes.


Regardless of how fantastic or advanced a drill press appears to be, make sure your whole experience is a top priority. Since you’ll be using the drill press for metal, find one that best fits your needs in projects, workspace, and budget. Knowing what you want to achieve can help you select which machine is best for you.

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