How to Bypass Low Oil Sensor on Generator?

A generator is one such machine around which you need to be extra careful. That’s the reason it is built with several safety sensors and switches. The low oil sensor on the generator comes in handy as it prevents you from using the machine with excess oil.  Oil level sensors utilize magnetic reed switches. The … Read more

How to Change Ego String Trimmer

Ego string trimmers are a gem for upkeeping lawns and courtyards. They are efficient tools that play a significant role in the beautification of your backyards. Ego trimmers are famous for durability and performance.  However, that does not change the fact that the spool of the trimmer might never need replacement. Slashing through relentless weed … Read more

How to Make a Generator Quiet For Camping?

Camping is all about enjoying the peace in the wilderness. You wouldn’t need anything but the essentials and a camping tent, right? Maybe not. How would you go out camping without lighting and mobile devices? That’s where you will need a portable generator. Your problem is not yet solved. What if your portable generator makes … Read more

How to Load Ryobi String Trimmer?

The Ryobi’s string trimmer line is the next best alternative to a goat when dealing with ruthless lawns. Lawns look shabby with all that weed growth, and it’s better to trim them from time to time.  String trimmers have an enormous appetite for new string while they’re chewing through the weeds. If this is your … Read more

How to Clean Generator Carburetor?

Regularly maintaining a home standby or portable generator will increase its efficiency. Since they are not used often, you will need to ensure that it works properly when needed. If a generator is kept unused for a long period, you could face certain power issues in the carburetor. To avoid this, you will need to … Read more