Best Paintbrush for Furniture – a Newbie’s Guide

Do you know what’s one of the best ways to brighten up your house?

Simply paint your old furniture. It completely changes the look of your house, and honestly? We all need some change from time to time.

Doing this, however, takes a lot of work. The heavy brushstrokes can be overwhelming for someone new to this. The key to avoiding this is using the best paintbrush for your furniture.

Don’t know how to figure that out? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

What to Look For in a Furniture Paintbrush?

Paintbrushes for furniture have essentially the same basic features as your regular paintbrushes. But there are some significant differences in manufacturing that make the job much more efficient.

That is why it is vital to find a comfortable brush for you to hold and work with.

This includes the handle, first of all. A brush with an easy-to-hold handle, appropriate length and width, and an easy-grip is the ideal choice.

Other than that, the material and its quality are essential details you should look out for. A compromise on the quality can cost you time, money, and eventually, your precious furniture!

The type of paint you are using is also a factor that you can’t overlook because it ultimately determines the material suited for the job.

On top of the list, however, should be your comfort in working with a specific product. If the brush doesn’t fit well in your hands or suits your height, working with it will be a frustrating task.

Bristles – the Game Changers

Similar to the way toothbrush bristles are a significant factor in hygiene, paintbrush bristles are essential in the painting world. The quality of the bristles should be on top of the priority list. You should prefer long and soft bristles as compared to short and rough ones.

The bristles’ length defines how much product the brush can hold and how easily you can apply it to the target surface. The softness of the strands, on the other hand, streamlines the process and ensures even coverage.

We can broadly classify bristles into natural and synthetic types. Both have their pros and cons. It depends on you and your task as to which of the two is a better option.

Natural bristles are rough as compared to softer synthetic bristles. They also sell for a higher price than synthetic ones. This is because of the difficulty obtaining the material, purifying it, and using it for the manufacturing process.

The Manufacturing Industry of Furniture Paintbrushes

Like most products in the market today, furniture paintbrushes are also manufactured by various brands. The brands, in turn, offer a wide range of variety of these brushes.

With every passing day, there is a growing demand and increasing competition. The brands come up with unusual types, which makes it harder to choose one.

However, like all industries, some brands are more prestigious than others. They have earned this success through years of serving quality products and winning the trust of their customers.

This whole burst of information can be overwhelming, which is why we are making the process even easier for you!

We have a list of top-rated paintbrushes for furniture with the qualities you are looking for:

1. Purdy Dale Angular Trim Paint Brush

The Purdy Trim Brush is a versatile, 2.5 inches angled brush manufactured in the United States. The brush is specifically designed to work well with different types of paints and stains. That makes it a handy tool for people who work with multiple mediums.

The brush provides the same thorough coverage with latex, oil paints, wax, and various other substances. That makes it a wise investment for those who like to experiment with different varieties of paints.

The angled brush is versatile to the point that you can use it on several different surfaces. It is equipped with a natural hardwood handle that allows for a firm and easy grip.

The length of the handle helps in making light, precise strokes for detailed work. An additional feature is that this Purdy paintbrush is very easy to clean.


  • Precise angle
  • Versatile
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy maintenance
  • Steady bristles


  • Expensive
  • It comes as a single brush

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2. Wooster Shortcut Angle Sash Paintbrush

Wooster paintbrush is another one with versatile characteristics.

That makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. It has medium stiff bristles that spread the product nicely. This also allows for the coverage to be consistent without uneven strokes.

The brush is unique in its build. Its handle is short, compact, and flexible. It fits nicely in the curvature of your hand and prevents blisters and aches.

The flexibility of the Wooster Sash Paintbrush results from the rubber used to make it. This makes this brush particularly user-friendly.

This specific paintbrush is an ideal choice for amateurs who just want to get the job done nicely and quickly. It weighs 1.6 ounces and has a shortcut angle.

The Wooster Brush is probably one of the most recommended paintbrushes for furniture. It is of premium quality and has a user-friendly structure. It also provides a durable and elegant finish, making it a clear preference.


  • Flexible, easy-to-hold handle
  • Precise angle
  • Durable
  • Wide range of applications


  • Short handle
  • It comes as a single brush
  • Price is high for a single brush

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3. Professional Chalk and Wax Paint Brush

This brush is designed specifically for chalk and wax. It is manufactured in a way to provide the best results for both mediums. The brush glides smoothly over the surface of the furniture. It results in an overall seamless and polished look of the furniture.

This brush is different from the regular brushes in various aspects of its design.

To begin with, it has a large rounded head as opposed to the usually angled brushes.

This unique shape significantly reduces the working time so that the furniture is painted finely but in a time-effective manner. It has 100% natural bristles that contribute to the overall aesthetic look of the brush.

The natural bristles also give a traditional finish to the painted surface. Additionally, there is no shedding of hairs during use.

The brush handle is wooden, which makes it ergonomic and light-weight. That decreases excessive strain on the palms and wrist of the user and can prevent aching.

The brush maintains its shape and effectiveness even after multiple uses and washes. It is highly durable and reusable if you take the required measures to clean it up.


  • Lightweight
  • Time-effective
  • It comes as a set of 5
  • Reusable and durable over a long time


  • Not so economical
  • You can’t use it for latex and oil painting
  • Natural bristles are coarse

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4. Zibra PB200LCS Grip-n-Glide 2-Inch Cut-in Paint Brush

The Zibra 2-inch paintbrush is known for its smooth and uniform coverage over any surface. Its precise angle is for cut-in painting, which helps cover minute details.

The sharp angle allows the user to reach into areas that usually require additional coats for complete coverage.

An interesting fact about Zibra brushes is that they are customized for different requirements, and hence, come in an array of sizes and shapes.

This wide range allows the users to choose the most suitable brush for their work, thus preventing wastage of time and product.

The brush has a stubby, hourglass-shaped handle that fits well in the user’s palm and makes it very comfortable to use. The brush is also easy to clean.


  • Wide range
  • Uniform coverage
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Fair price
  • Hourglass handle


  • It doesn’t last very long
  • Some bristles may come off after washing

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5. Pro Grade – Paint Brushes – 5 Ea – Paint Brush Set

As evident from its name, the Pro Grade Brush is a professional-level paintbrush set ideal for people on a budget. It weighs 11 ounces and consists of different materials.

The brush has a wooden handle that provides comfort, in addition to an overall professional appearance. Since the handle is made of wood, the brushes in this set are relatively lightweight.

That helps the user in working for long hours without putting a strain on the wrists. The filaments are designed in a way that allows them to hold more products. As a result, you only need a few strokes to cover the whole surface. That proves to be very time-effective while maintaining quality.

Different brushes in the set have different sizes, dimensions, and shapes. The pack also includes angled brushes, which allow you to apply the product into smaller corners that are difficult to access otherwise.

The round-headed brushes allow for an even finish and efficient completion of tasks.


  • Low budget
  • Set of 5 brushes
  • Lightweight


  • Cut angle is not precise
  • Bristles fall out when washed
  • Quality less satisfactory than others

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Buying Guide for the Ultimate Furniture Paintbrush for You

With the market growing exponentially and the competition going haywire, it is easy to get confused when making the right choice. Here is a list of the primary qualities you need to consider when choosing the right paintbrush for furniture:

1. Bristles

Make sure the bristles of your paintbrush are of the appropriate length. That helps in being able to hold enough product. Otherwise, you will be compelled to dip the brush time and again, which is a tedious job to do.

Check for bristle softness to ensure that you buy the brush that provides you with an even finish instead of ugly brushstrokes.

2. Handle

Here is a tip to remember:

Look out for a handle that is easy to handle!

Flexible handles can make it easy for you to hold them and reach into corners to ensure they are covered.

Lightweight, wooden handles are a blessing in case you are prone to blisters or aching wrist joints.

A wrong choice of handle can make the task very frustrating and time-consuming since you will need to rest your arm after short intervals. So make sure to put your comfort first!

3. Durability

Who wants to waste money on a product that will last for only a few uses?

We are sure you don’t!

To prevent your money wastage, make sure you look for a durable paintbrush that will last you for years. The key is to make sure you buy the brush from a renowned company for using suitable quality materials in their manufacturing.

Look for a brush with its bristles tightly adherent to the base to not fall out during application or washing. The amount of hair that a brush contains also contributes to its durability. The brushes with more hair tend to last longer than the ones with less hair.

4. The Nature of the Task

This is the most defining factor to consider when you are on the hunt for a paintbrush for your furniture.

Different brushes have different designs and structures that comply with the nature of the task they are meant to perform.

Right now, there is a myriad of brushes that are multifunctional and versatile. However, it is always a good idea to make sure the brush you are buying matches other factors. That includes the kind of paint you use and the type of material you want to paint on.


We have narrowed down the best available paintbrushes for furniture in this article so that you can choose the one that suits your needs. If you want to make a wise choice, take the above factors into account. The last thing you need is for ugly marks and untidy brushstrokes to ruin your furniture.

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