Ryobi 2300 Generator Review

Ryobi 2300 GeneratorIn this Ryobi 2300 Generator review, we talk about a Bluetooth portable generator which at first glance, is definitely worth buying. It is also an inverter generator so it makes it very mobile, and has a tech-focused design. It features a GenControl application which is there to connect your phone and the generator. As expected, they are connected via Bluetooth.

The moment the generator is on, you will be able to keep track of the generator with your phone. You will be able to see the oil levels and turn it off from far away using your phone. You will be able to find two outlets for USB. This makes it ideal for sensitive devices such as laptops and sound systems. On a downside, it doesn’t feature a DC outlet so you won’t be able to charge your devices.

The Ryobi 2300 is best used for recreational purposes like camping and tailgating. It is also ideal for people that like using generators off-grid. One will also be able to use it in cold weather thanks to the cold start feature.

Two Ryobi 2300 Portable Generators

Build Quality

The Ryobi 2300 has an overall good quality. Right off the bat, you won’t notice any problems. Its housing is made out of plastic and is nicely contained. Considering that it is an inverter generator, it makes it quite portable and compact as well. It weighs only 53 pounds so you definitely won’t have problems with picking it up. On top of that, it features two handles on the top for extra convenience.

The handle is a telescoping one which folds when you’re not using it. It makes the Ryobi 2300 look much nicer but also adds portability to it. There are also built-in wheels as well. On the other hand, the handle isn’t very sturdy. It is not recommended that you lift the generator when the handle is extended. You might want to stick to rolling it.

The wheels are of very good quality, however. You won’t have any problems on rough terrains or packed soil. These wheels are going to be very useful if you plan to go camping. They are also quite convenient on light job sites. There is also a chance of it sinking into the soil when not in use. That’s why, you might as well carry it.

Start Up

The starter the generator uses is the recoil mechanism. Most people like electric starter better because it is much easier to use and convenient. However, a lot of small generators don’t really feature an electric one so it is not usually expected. But, luckly, the Ryobi 2300 has a very easy way to start the generator. It has mode presets that are off/storage and run/restart as well as cold start. You don’t need to worry about fuel and choke settings.

Ryobi 2300

Power & Fuel

The Ryobi 2300 has a peak power of 2,300 watts and 1,800 watts of running power. It can’t be said that this generator is very powerful but it is good for recreational use. Such examples include outdoor lighting, charging mobile phones. You can even use it to run a DJ booth at a garden party.

The generator is also parallel capable. This means you can buy one more generator like this and connect it to this one. This doubles the provided power and it is affordable. So, you might consider it. When it comes to gas consumption, it is at 0.12 GPh. This means the generator can run for 10 hours on 25%. On 50% of the load, it can for sveen and at 100%, it can run for a little more than four hours.

The Ryobi 2300 generator produces clean energy so sensitive electronics can be plugged in. That is because the THD is less than 5%. It also features two AC outlets; a duplex of 120 volts and 20 amps. You will also be able to find two DC outlets and two USB ports of five volts.

Control Panel & Features

Ryobi 2300 features a very useful control panel. With it, you can control the voltage of the generator as well as its frequency. On its display, you will also find lifetime hours and fuel level. For extra protection and security, there is an automatic low oil shut down and circuit breakers. For those who don’t know, automatic low oil shut down makes the engine shut down when oil levels are low.

Ryobi 2300 Features

In the package, you also get the owner’s manual and necessary documentation. The manual will really help you out with setting it up. It’s especially useful for beginners. Other than that, you also get oil, funnel and a tool kit. There is a cold start option as well which allows it to run in very cold weather.

The noise rating is 57 dBA. This makes it a very quiet generator so you don’t need to worry about too much noise. It can be compared to a regular conversation between two people. However, it is even quieter than that. You are also able to monitor the generator on a distance with your phone due to bluetooth connectivity. It allows you to turn off the generator when needed.


GenControl app is very convenient and very easy to use as well. It makes a lot of things much simpler. Not that this generator is hard to use. No matter where you are, you will be able to know what’s going on with your generator. It also allows you to make any sort of adjustments or changes if it is necessary. You won’t need to worry about any unexpected power losses to happen when using this app.

Not only that, but this app is also compatible with both iOS and Android phones. All you need to do is connect your generator to your phone via Bluetooth. And, you will be good to go. The app allows you to keep track of many things. It includes fuel consumption as well as fuel levels. You can see lifetime hours and you are allowed to turn off the generator when needed.

The GenControl applications basically have the same functions like LCD screens. So, while the LCD screen is on the generator, the GenControl app is on your phone. This allows you to check the generator even when you are not near it.


– GenControl App

– Cold start

– Quiet

– Portable and compact

– Good quality wheels

– Great run time


– No DC socket

– No electric start

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Ryobi 2300 Generator Review -Conclusion

Like all generators, The Ryobi 2300 has both pros and cons. What sets it apart from others is its Bluetooth connectivity and Gencontrol app. It’s definitely a durable generator made by a market giant, that we can safely recommend.

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