Powerstroke Generator 6000 Review

Powerstroke Generator 6000 ReviewThere is no reason why one shouldn’t purchase a generator. After all, blackouts or power outages happen to everyone. So, generators can really help you out a lot in those emergencies. One thing you should keep in mind before purchasing one is what kind of generator you need. In other words, you need to know the amount of wattage you need for powering up your appliances. We hope this Powerstroke Generator 6000 review will help with your purchase decision,

The Powerstroke Generator 6000 is a very durable generator. It is ideal during blackouts and in harsh environments. So, no matter which crisis or emergency you have, the Powerstroke 6000 will be there to help you out. You can even use it on job sites because, as we know, sometimes job sites don’t provide enough power. In that case, the generator will be necessary.

Build Quality

As already mentioned this generator is ideal for home usages as well as rough terrains. The Powerstroke 6000 Generator comes with a 389cc OHV engine. This makes the generator quite reliable as well as durable.It comes with a handle and the wheels which you have to attach to it before using it. The assembly is quick and easy and won’t take longer than ten minutes.

Once it is assembled, its width is 23 inches and the depth 24 inches. The assembled height is 29 inches. There is also a noise muffler to make the generator less loud.On its specifications, you won’t find the noise rating unfortunately. It also comes with engine lubricant. This helps oil to smoothly go to moving parts without any friction.

It has an open frame design which adds to its durability. In specifications there also isn’t a weight provided for the generator. However, it comes with a wheel kit and a handle for better transportation. It is supposed to be around 130 pounds.

Fuel & Power Output

The Powerstroke 6000 watt generator has generally good run time and good power production. It has a very large tank made out of steel. This adds even more to its unknown weight. It can store up to six gallons of oil. The generator is able to run for nine hours on 50% of the load on a full thank.

The starting power is at 6000 watts while the peak power is at 7,500 watts. This is considered to be quite a powerful generator. You will definitely be able to run more than a few appliances in your home or a job site. There are a few tips you should consider when it comes to fuel. It is recommended to use pure gas if you can find it. That is because if you use ethanol, the generator will perform poorly.

If, however, you decide to use ethanol, you should use stabilizers with its treatments. Also, if it is possible, find fresh fuel to use on the generator. Overall, the engine performs the best on pure gas and fresh fuel. So, it is a little higher maintenance of this generator.

The Powerstroke Generator 6000, on the other hand, doesn’t have a lot of outlets. This is probably the biggest downfall of this generator. There are four 20A outlets and one 30A twist-lock outlet. So, you won’t be able to find a DC nor USB port which isn’t as convenient as one would think. However, the generator is reliable so it will do its job whether it be in your home or at your job site.

Powerstroke Generator 6000Features

The Powerstroke Generator 6000 comes with a very easy to use control panel. You will be able to easily access and operate it very easily too. It comes with four in one digital display. That display will show you the time of use as well as voltage and hertz. One will also be able to find the hours the generator has been used on the display.

The Powerstroke 6000 generator features an automatic low oil shutdown. The automatic low oil shut down is there to automatically turn off the generator in case of low oil levels. It also comes with a cord which is 25 inches long. Such cord also comes with a circuit breaker protection. This adds to even more safety of use. The generator has a spark arrestor so you will be able to use it in forested areas as well.

It doesn’t come with a fuel gauge. The wheels and feet it comes with also come with a hardware. You are also able to return the generator within 30 days of purchasing it. It also comes with a warranty that lasts you three years. The package also includes an operator’s manual as well as a wattage worksheet.


– Easy assembly

– Powerful

– Spark arrestor

– Easily accessible control panel

– Reliable

– Comes with engine lubricant

– Produces clean energy

– Big tank

– Good run time

– Comes with a wheel kit and a handle

– Noise mufflers

– Circuit breaker protection


– Requires pure gas and fresh fuel

– Low performance on ethanol

– No specifications about noise or weight

– No DC or USB port

– Only a few outlets

– Pull start mechanism

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This was a Powerstroke Generator 6000 review. Hopefully this review helped you in seeing all the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing one. It is always best to know what kind of generator you’re dealing with exactly before deciding on it. Obvious downside is that on specifications you won’t be able to with the noise rating. That can be troublesome because if it’s too loud, you won’t be able to know and it might damage your hearing. That’s why in some cases it is greatly recommended to buy ear protection.

Other than that, Powerstroke Generator 6000 is one very convenient and easy to use generator. It uses a pull start mechanism which some people don’t really prefer. The generator is ideal for job sites so it is highly recommended that if you do buy it, to buy it for those purposes. That is due to its good reliability and durability and its steel engine.

All in all, hopefully this review helped you in making an informed decision.

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