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Both Kohler and Generac generators are great and reliable. That is especially the case in emergencies such as power outages that happen for a long time. But, which one is better? This review will compare Kohler vs Generac generators. Let’s see which one is the best option for your needs.

Kohler - Kohler VS GeneracKohler


Kohler generators are known for being extremely reliable for home usage. They are one of the most reliable ones on the market, in fact. These generators are very powerful and consistent with their output. They last for a very long time which is great when the power outage happens.


The engine differs whether you buy a standby generator or a portable one. Either way, the Kohler generators are meant to last for a very long time. They are both consistent and powerful. Standby generators either run LP or gasoline. On the downside, if you want to run it on propane, you’re going to need a conversion kit.

Advantage of purchasing a standby generator is automatic switching on. This means the generator will automatically start running when power outage happens. That isn’t the case with a portable Kohler generator, however. You might need to go out during a heavy storm just to power up your generator.

Another great thing about Kohler generators is that they can be installed permanently. You will be able to place them next to your home. They will constantly keep track of whether power outages happen or not and turn on when needed. Kohler generators are also generally much more durable and sturdier than Generac generators. This makes them great for harsh environments and weather.

Any Kohler standby generator that you may purchase, you will get a warranty of 5 years. When it comes to portable models, the warranty is three years. These generators are also commercial-grade. This makes things a little bit more interesting.

Kohler generator buildBuild/Enclosure

Build quality of both Kohler and Generac are quite different. When it comes to Kohler generators, they will either be made of plastic, steel or aluminum. Sometimes it is two of those, sometimes it is one of them, and rarely it is all three. For example, standby Kohler generators will often be made out of plastic.

Due to the standby generators being made of plastic, the generator will need to be outside of your home. That is because plastic burns very easily. That’s also because the generators don’t come with a fire rating. On a brighter note, the plastic is of higher quality so it isn’t corrosive. You can even put it in a salt water area and you won’t need to worry about it being hazardous.

It is also recommended to place the generator two feet away from a noncombustible area. And, if an area is easily combustible, or combustible at all, you need to place it five feet away. However, sometimes such things differ. This largely also depends on local ordinances on how to place a generator. One standby Kohler model offers an option to be out of aluminum. That makes it a little bit pricier than if you purchase a plastic one.

The generators made out of steel and aluminum have their own clearances. So, this means they are different than those of plastic models. You need to put those models 18 inches away from areas that don’t combust easily. However, for areas that can combust, a generator will need to be put three feet away.

Kohler generatorControllers

There are two different types of control panels that Kohler generators have. One of them is called RDC2 and the other panel is called DC2. The DC2 controllers use a very simple start system. It is a four-wire start system which enables a Kohler transfer switch to connect to the generator. This four-wire start system also keeps track of power losses or gains when used at home. On the downside, you will need a laptop to install this type of controller.

Obviously, the RDC2 controller works way differently than the DC2 one. These controllers come with six buttons on the interface. A regular repairman will be able to make some extra changes to the generator. And, on top of that, you won’t need technical software thanks to that. You will be able to find this type of controller on RESV, RESA, RESB and RCL generators.

One will also be able to connect it to an inverter generator. This is mainly for off-grid usage and in case you need to have a back-up for charging devices. You will find that you can also use a transfer switch of four-wire.

When it comes to DC2 controllers, they can be found on the “L” models of both RESAL and RESVL generators. Both of these models come with automatic transfer switch. DC2 controllers have an interface of four buttons. The controllers can almost always be found on Retail/E-tail channels. There is also a possibility that they can be installed by an untrained technician. For that reason, you will need technical software in case you need any extra adjustments. Other than that, both controllers will work exactly the same.


Sometimes when purchasing something, it is also important to know the brand’s history. This way you can determine how reliable it is. Kohler generators have been tested and reviewed by many users through and through. These reviews have gone over both design quality as well as the entire manufacturing process.

On top of that, Kohler has been making the generators for almost a hundred years. This means, they have been in business for almost an entire century. This is great because they haven’t gone out of business for almost a century so they definitely withstood the test of time. It also makes things easier as you can easily access any kind of support when it is needed.

Kohler representatives are spread out all around. You will even be able to meet up with a specialist eye to eye if you ever want to. You are also able to get in touch with one of the representatives and solve the problem within minutes. However, if you do meet with them in person, make sure not to fully rely on the advice. As we know, they can easily be biased.


– Great build quality

– Two types of controllers

– Long history

– Durable and reliable

– Great for harsh environments

– Non-corrosive plastic


– Requires conversion kit when run on propane

– More expensive

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Despite being on the market for not very long, their reputation has jumped pretty quickly. Just like with Kohler generators, there are both portable ones and standby one.

Generac generatorEngine

The Generac company has been continuously creating their own engines. They have their own OHVI engine for their generators. Thanks to that specifically designed engine, Generac generators are known for their longevity. This makes them extremely durable. That is one of the reasons why you wouldn’t regret spending money on them. They have proven many times that they can last for years.

Their engines are created in that way that they can produce 2 megawatts of power. That’s quite a lot, even more than most generators by other manufacturers. Their lubrication is pressurized as well. This feature also adds to their durability and longevity. Just like Kohler generators, Generac generators can also run on both LP and gasoline.

Generac generators can also be installed in your home permanently. They also don’t require a conversion kit in order to run on propane fuel.

Generac build - Kohler vs GeneracBuild/Enclosure

Generac offers you the possibility of either buying a generator made of steel or aluminum. This makes the generators extremely durable and reliable. Most of you know that steel and aluminium can withstand a lot of damage. On top of that, they are not flammable. In this way, you don’t need to worry about putting them closer to a noncombustible area.

Although, if you want to put it near salt water, aluminum is a better option. That is because a steel generator will definitely start to rust. When buying a Generac generator, you will be given many options regarding color as well. You will be able to find generators from 6 to 50 kilowatts. In this way, you will be able to find any generator to fit your situation and needs.

Generac controller - Kohler vs generacController

Generac used to have a Nexus controller before. However, they updated the Evolution controller and now they’re using that one. Nexus used to be a very effective controller but Evolution certainly does a way better job in that area. One of the changes they made is that Generac added a USB port. Surely, it is a small difference but it is extremely useful as many people need USB ports today.

Also, before, when Nexus was being used, there were problems with updating. In case there was a problem that needed to be updated, one would need to replace the entire control panel. And, in other times, there would need to be a lot of adjustments as well. However, that has changed. With the Evolution control panel, you need to download an updated for usb device and then connect it to the controller. Despite it being easy to use, hiring an authorized technician is still recommended.


– Reliable

– Versatile

– Powerful

– One of the quietest

– Customized engine


– Usually expensive

– Very basic control panel

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Kohler VS Generac – Conclusion

After comparing generators by both manufacturers, hopefully we have helped you see which one is better in your opinion. Overall, both generators by Kohler and Generac are very reliable and durable. However, depending on your needs, you’re going to choose one or another. They differ mostly by their build quality. Kohler also has a long history whereas Generac is relatively new. Hope that settles the Kohler VS Generac debate. Choose wisely.

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