Honda EU7000is Review

Honda EU7000isHonda definitely produces one of the most high quality generators out there especially the EU inverter generator series. These series of generators provide you with a very compact and quiet generator and the EU7000iS is no different. There are tons of advantages to buying an inverter generator however this is not the most affordable option for you if you are on a budget. On the other hand, this generator is definitely worth considering buying for your food truck or your RV. So, let’s move on with the detailed Honda EU7000is review.

The EU7000is is also really good for camping or being used at home in cases of power outage. Considering it is parallel capable, one can also connect it to another generator with a parallel kit. This generator is a great alternative to much louder and heavier generators out there with the same capacity. Of course, those advantages do come with a more expensive price but it is definitely worth your money.

Build Quality & Design

One might think that the EU7000iS generator may be too small for its size but it is actually quite portable making it ideal for food truck owners. Its measurements are 33.4 inches in length, 27.4 inches in width and 28.4 inches in height. So this is a truly compact generator weighing only 261 pounds. Although, it can still be considered heavier than most inverter generators, but on the bright side, you do get a wheel kit. There are also two fold-down handles that you can use to pull the generator.

One of the best things about Honda generators is that they are very dependable. This means they can last you for a very long time. The engine is of the highest quality and the design is very simple. Honda EU7000is has a square design which can be useful for easy storage as well as placement on an RV. Very portable even though it weighs 261 lbs.

Noise Rating

One of the best things about the Honda EU7000is is that it’s actually incredibly quiet. It’s really amazing how quiet one engine can run, it is like no other model. In fact, the estimated noise rate of the generator is only 58 dB. And, what’s even better about it is that if it is a quarter load, the noise can be at 52 decibels which is truly silent. This can also be compared to an average conversation between two people but even that is louder than the generator as it reaches 60 decibels of noise. So, all in all, the generator is quieter than even a regular conversation.

Honda EU7000is generator

Gas Consumption

The Honda EU7000is generator also has amazing energy efficiency. There is nothing unusual about it, it’s still regular for the category but it’s still pretty good. The oil tank can store up to 5.1 gallons of gas. When the load is at 50 percent, the run time of the generator will be at six-point-five hours with a full tank. On the other hand, when the load is at 25 percent, the generator will be able to run for 18 hours even.

There is yet another very useful feature that comes with this generator. The same feature is used on Honda GX390 model. This type of feature is called smart fuel injection technology which makes the generator far more efficient in fuel. This technology will also reduce carburetor problems and reduce the need for a choke. This type of engine is what makes this model, and other models of Honda, so reliable.

When it comes to the rated power, the Honda EU7000iS will give you power of 5,500 watts and the surge power is at 7,000 watts. This is more than enough for most food truck owners. There is also a possibility to double the power output and make it be 11,000 watts which is 14,000 of surge watts. In order to do that, there is a parallel kit that comes with a generator which is great if you want to power up household appliances like a fridge or a stove.


The Honda EU7000iS also features a control panel which has two amp outlets of two GFCI and 20 amp. There are also two locking outlets, one of them is 30 amp of 125 V locking outlet and the other one is 30 amp 123/250 V. On a more negative note, you won’t be able to charge any of your batteries as this model doesn’t come with a DC outlet.

However, there are other useful features.The generator comes with a built-in I-monitor which will help you to control the generator. It will display the running hours, output, engine speed, voltage and maintenance diagnostics of the generator. This is actually very useful as it will remind you when you need to have another routine maintenance. With this, you will also be able to know if the generator is going to need any repairs.

There are also other very standard and typical features such as low-oil shut off, indicator lights and fuel gauge. The generator also has an electric start and all you need to do to switch it on is push a button. It is also CARB-compliant and has a highest EPA rating which is quite impressive. So, you will be able to use it in all 50 states.
Honda EU7000is also allows for parallel connection. This means you can use two of the EU7000is generators at the same time. While they are running, it will synchronize the output sine waves.


– Lightweight and very portable

– The run time is ideal for food trucks

– Extremely quiet

– Effortless starting

– Useful features

– Parallel kit


– No DC outlets for charging

– Pricey

Check Price


The EU7000is generator is one of the best Honda inverter generators out in the market. That is mostly due to its great reliability and amazing energy efficiency. It is also very quiet which can be compared to the noise that small generators make. Probably the only problem would be the high price but it is definitely worth the money. You get for what you pay and, in this case, you get a really worthwhile generator. The EU7000is is also great for long power outages or for heavy duty usage.

Hopefully we have helped you in learning all about Honda EU7000is. Whether you need it or not, it is completely up to you. But if you do need a generator, this is one of the most reliable ones and the most recommended. The generator is considered to have very high capacity and has all the best things inverter generator can have. It produces clean energy, has great fuel efficiency and it is very quiet

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