Powerhorse Generators Review

Powerhouse generators can range between 2,500 watts and 13,000 watts. In this review, we will go over some of the best powerhorse generators. 1. Powerhorse 750137 Powerhorse 750137 is a great generator made for many different activities. Such activities include camping and tailgating as well as parties. You will be able to power up your … Read more

Honda EU7000is Review

Honda definitely produces one of the most high quality generators out there especially the EU inverter generator series. These series of generators provide you with a very compact and quiet generator and the EU7000iS is no different. There are tons of advantages to buying an inverter generator however this is not the most affordable option … Read more

DuroMax XP12000E Generator Review

We couldn’t be more thankful for power lines being a thing, but we are incredibly thankful for the existence of electric generators as well. These portable devices help us power our households, RVs and food trucks and bring some peace to our minds in situations of power outages. You can buy them with different power … Read more

Best Generator For RV Air Conditioner

You probably know that your home on wheels won’t be very comfortable in those summer days unless there is an air conditioner around to keep things cool inside. When there is no electricity around, the best way to power this air conditioner would be by using an electric generator. In this article we explain the … Read more

Best Built-In RV Generator

When travel is in your blood, you just can’t stick around at your home for too long. You know that the beauties of this world are out there waiting for you, and you can’t wait to start exploring them. This realization often comes in a bundle with emotions like happiness and excitement, especially when you … Read more

Best Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Not all generators work with the same fuel. Imagine buying a very good generator, but having to spend a lot of money to go and buy the fuel it works with from a far away store. Or how about all those times when you wanted to combine two types of fuel to make your generator … Read more

Best Generator For Apartment

Power outages can be quite annoying and very, very inconvenient, especially when they last for a longer time. Living with no electricity is frustrating, but that’s not all it entails. Unfortunately, it entails a lot of problems related to every aspect of our lives. A situation like this nearly stops us from taking care of … Read more

Best 10 000 Watt Generator

People who need electric generators need them to power certain devices or electric appliances. However, when you’re considering buying a 10 000 watt generator, you probably really, really need a generator. Whether it’s your household or RV that you want to power, the things you need powered are of great value to you. It is … Read more

Best Portable Generator For Camping

Camping can be a lot of fun, but planning the logistics around it can get tiresome. After all, being prepared will either make or break your camping experience. Having a decent portable generator for your next camping trip can come in quite handy, and can make be the difference between a wonderful experience and a … Read more

Best Hand Crank Generator

Hand crank generators are ideal to be used on vacations as well as using them on your smaller electronics. So, in case you are looking to buy one, this article will provide you with the best hand crank generator. 1. HUABAN Hand Crank Generator One of the best hand-cranked generators is definitely HUABAN Hand Crank … Read more